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Founders Bio

Bishop Dr. Mable L. Berry

Bishop Dr. Mable L. Berry is a native Texan, the City of Tyler and serves
as Co-Pastor of The New Birth Church Of The Living God P.G.T. in Jacksonville,
Texas. Bishop Berry has been teaching and preaching the word of God since
1985. Bishop Berry was the second woman in The Church of the Living God
P.G.T. consecrated as Bishop February 4, 1996, and later received her Doctorate
of Divinity Degree.

She is the Chief Adjutant to the Bishop of the Church of the Living God
P.G.T. Southeastern Jurisdiction. She is founder and CEO of the Women Of
Excellence Ministries of the east Texas area founded in 1995. Bishop Berry
is the founder and the CEO of The Chosen Vessels School Of Ministry; an
accredited Bible School was founded in 1997. She is the Co -Founder of the
Just For You Television broadcast ministry that she shares weekly with her
husband since 1999.

Bishop Berry has studied at several institutions of higher education including:
Tyler Junior College and the Southwest Bible Institution.

Bishop Berry is married to Bishop Dr. James L. Berry, and is the mother
of two children, Sharon who is an Overseer of the New Birth Church of the
Living God, and Gyrone who is the Chairman of New Birth Church of the Living
God. A son in law Wayne, daughter in law, Consuelo, who also is a Minister.
Bishop Berry is a proud grandmother of ten.
She also enjoys writing and she is the author of ” Stand By Your Man and
A Good Man Is Hard To Find.” A Book written from the heart of a woman who
has tasted many joys and endured many sorrows, and yet has emerged a joyful
victorious Christian, this book tells how to do it.

In addition to her evangelistic ministry, she is a member of the Black Interdenominational
Ministers Alliance of Tyler. Bishop has received numerous awards and citations,
most noteworthy among them, the distinct honor of a leading woman of Excellence
from Texas Northeast Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Prelate, Bishop
David R. Houston and Mother Willie M. Rivers general women supervisor of
the Church of God in Christ, also attained recognition from The National
Council of Negro Women of Jacksonville, and named 2008 Woman of Distinction. Bishop Berry can be viewed on the
Just For You Television Broadcast Ministry, aired on a weekly television
broadcast in Tyler, Texas and Jacksonville, Texas were she hosts a monthly
television talk show on many issues. Bishop Berry co-host a radio talk show
weekly in Tyler on Gospel KGLD 1330 AM.

Bishop Berry travels extensively and her unique presentation of the gospel
has enabled her to minister to many denominations and organizations. She
is an anointed, much sought after preacher, teacher, lecturer, leader, and
counselor. Moreover, God has granted her favor and her gift has opened many
doors. She has had the privilege to serve at various women’s conferences,
revivals, and marriage seminars.

Bishop Berry is a no-nonsense student and carrier of the word; she is committed
to Christ and is therefore led by the spirit of God. Bishop Mable L. Berry,
stands on 1 Timothy 1:12″ And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, Who hath enabled
me for that he counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry.

Bishop Berry recalls being installed as the second woman Bishop. She already
knew, the woman who enters into this new challenge inevitably will have
to suffer a lot, she said. “Whenever there’s a first anything, it tends
to draw attention, and the first always faces a lot scrutiny. People will
watch everything you doand the first will carry the whole load” but I pray
that the next female bishop will not only Carry the load but will carry
the whole freight said the Bishop.

Women of Excellence (Praises to God)! has purchased land for the future home
of the Women of Excellence Restoration House for battered women and children,
and has ownership of a 47-passenger motor coach that takes our women for an
excellence ride to conferences, retreats, and other scheduled events.

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